EEI Diversity Conference

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CALINC Services Banner from their booth.

CANUS Corporation proudly accompanied our Diversity Subcontractor CALINC Services to the EEI Supplier Diversity Conference held in New Mexico earlier this month.  There were many great presenters presenting interesting and innovative perspectives on the use of diversity spend within the Utility Industry.  CANUS and CALINC Services participated in the events excellent match making session to help foster both additional opportunities for utilities to source diverse labor as well as provide additional mentoring opportunities for additional diverse subcontractors.

Presenters representing the following utility companies set the tone for an excellent event:

  • PNM Resources
  • Duke Energy
  • First Energy
  • Consolidated Edison
  • Southern California Edison
  • APS
  • Entergy
  • PG&E

What We are Reading – CANUS Link Roundup

Articles and links we found interesting relating to the Utility Industry for your reading pleasure.

Source: Southern California Edison Media Pack

ISO New England warns of threat to grid reliability over gas supply shortage - ISO New England reports that its six-state transmission system is at risk of failing customers because the region’s increasing dependence on natural gas may not be met by existing pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage capacity.

Tension From Utility Companies Casts A Shadow On Rooftop Solar Industry - Melissa Block and Joby Warrick discuss the growing tension between distributed generation of rooftop solar panels and centralized generation philosophies traditionally seen in Utility Companies.  Direct link to download audio.

DOE may stockpile large transformers to thwart grid threats - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is considering stockpiling transformers to guard against widespread blackouts and potential threats to the nation’s electric grid, E&E Publishing reports.

Maine PUC study values solar at 33 cents/KWh, more than double the price of utility power - The Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has released a study valuing solar power produced in the state at 33 cents per KWh — or more than twice what most residents pay for traditional power, the Portland Press Herald reports. Direct link to Maine Distributed Solar Valuation Study.

Utility of the Future: Think Uber, Not AT&T – Katherine Tweed discusses how the electric utility industry is endlessly being compared to telecoms. The telephone utilities were deregulated, and many have called for the same transformation for electric utilities. More competition; more choice. Sure, you may pay more in the future, but at least you’ll be getting something that you value.

Why SRP’s controversial demand charge unlocks a huge opportunity for solar-plus-storage - The utility wants customers to help with peak demand but they may buy batteries instead of more grid power.

PPL Corp. electricity spinoff receives Pennsylvania approval; two more reviews ongoing - Allentown-based PPL Corp. is halfway through approvals needed for the spinoff of its competitive electricity generation business into a new company.

PG&E Wins Right to Develop Two New Transmission Substations - The new high voltage substation at Wheeler Ridge Junction will help improve electric service reliability in Bakersfield, especially in the hot summer months when demand for power is higher. The new Spring substation will help improve service reliability and provide additional grid resiliency for customers in the Morgan Hill area.

FirstEnergy builds Brunswick substation to support growth, reduce outages – FirstEnergy is builiding a $1.2 Million substation in Brunswick.


CANUS Corporation Introduction

CANUS Corporation, a California licensed Utility Contractor, is a source of specialized technical contracting, providing quality solutions to utilities nationwide.  With more than 600 qualified full time technical professionals, a resource base of several thousand and an affiliation with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers CANUS Corporation has the manpower, resources and expertise to complete projects that are local, regional, or national in scope.

Please see below a quick slide show introducing CANUS Corporation. 

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