PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Distribution Line Pole Change Out

CANUS Corporation recently completed an electrical distribution line pole change out project.  CANUS line inspectors inspected the contractors’ work to change out old distribution line poles for newer ones to authenticate compliance with state guidelines for the client. CANUS acted as client representatives when inspecting the work and producing the proper work products and logs required to document the project activities.

CANUS inspected for visual pole integrity, asset management data discrepancies (including GPS location), cross arm angle and integrity, joint pole cable management, signage, vegetation clearance, insulator integrity, guy wire integrity,  etc.  CANUS completed the inspection duties on the distribution line pole change out project without incident well within the client’s budget.

The electrical distribution line pole change out scope of work is a perfect demonstration of the project cost savings that the CANUS model can produce due to the recurring nature as well as the duration of the work.  If you’d like to find out more about CANUS’s model please refer to our white paper; “Utility Industry Labor Sourcing Strategy Cost Analysis“.

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