Building Union Relationships

Creating Meaningful Relationships

Creating Meaningful Relationships

CANUS Corporation continues to build meaningful relationships with Utility Industry stakeholders.  CANUS is discussing becoming a signatory to additional unions servicing the Utility Industry.  This will be a win win win relationship for CANUS the union and our client a major publically owned utility.  The union gains a partner to in CANUS who provides additional member services as well as the memberships access to CANUS’s employment benefits including healthcare, dental, 401k etc.

CANUS’s clients’ benefit from our new relationship with the union by continuing to have access to the union represented employees with the added values CANUS provides.  The client will now get fully background and drug test screened, fully trained, union represented employees that will perform within CANUS’s Tier 1 Quality Control Talent Management Plan.  CANUS’s Clients involved in the new union relationship will of course continue to realize the lowest possible labor costs due to our labor sourcing model while realize the additional added benefits of working with CANUS Corporation.

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