PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Gas Meter Corrosion Inspection

Gas Meter

Gas Meter

CANUS recently finished a project for a major public utility to visually inspect gas services  for corrosion at end users’ meters.  CANUS mobilized over 150 corrosion inspectors equipped with tablets to visually inspect and take photos of each service tagged with GPS location and corrosion ratings.  Each inspector would walk the block evaluating individual meters, manifolds and buried meters.  CANUS also acted as client representatives when interfacing with rate payers as well as officials inquiring about the project.  CANUS set up a call center dedicated to interfacing with the residents and receiving feedback around the project on behalf of the utility.

The end product of CANUS’s scope of work was a complete asset tracking database that the utility could use to locate every gas meter inspected including it’s GPS location, multiple photos of the meter configuration and a reported status of the meter at the time of inspection.  The utility gained great insights about their system and meter maintenance requirements for the coming years based on the current meter statuses.  CANUS was able to successfully inspect every existing meter within the assigned territory within the project duration and brought the scope to completion well under the allocated project budget.

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